Your New Co-op Blogger!

Name: Tammy Wong
Company: Research In Motion (RIM)
Major: Marketing, 4th year

Hello there! And a pleasure to meet my first group of readers! I am very excited to be the School of Business’ first co-op blogger and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, as I live vicariously in this small and humble city of Waterloo, Ontario. (In fact, it is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada!)

My name is Tammy Wong and I recently moved to Waterloo to become a Product Marketing Coordinator (aka. Market Research Analyst) at Research In Motion. The transition here went well, as the weather has been slightly warmer than that of Edmonton. I have also developed a warm community of friends and activities to keep me busy and have traveled to Toronto a few times.

While many of you may have just started the Winter semester, I have already been on the job for two weeks! The corporate culture at RIM is absolutely phenomenal and the students here are all vibrant individuals. In my building, specifically, all the coops on my floor sit together, and the coops in our building have lunch together. We even started a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Group for RIM 3 Coop students.

If you’ve never seen RIM campus, here’s a map. Essentially, there are over 20 buildings spread across the city of Waterloo. It’s quite amazing. To give you a sneak peek into my role, my job requires a significant amount of reading and building business cases from an assortment of research. My team is spread across Canada and the United States, and we support six different business units. That said, we use various forms of technology on a daily basis – it definitely helps that we’re the global leader in mobile communications technology. My manager actually works out of Halifax, but she was in Waterloo to welcome me on my first day! We connect very often and I love that. There’s nothing more important than strong communication when you’re in the workplace. (I highly recommend taking BUS 301: Business Communications if you haven’t.)

So why RIM? Before applying here, I did a significant amount of research on the company. I talked to past co-op students, current employees, friends of friends, and even had discussions about its corporate culture and learning/working environment with some of them. I wrote all  my classroom reports on RIM to understand the company and its products better. That said, two of my passions are technology and marketing, so most of the readings that I do in my spare time aligned well with the interests of the company. Nevertheless, I am a strong believer of doing one’s due diligence when it comes to finding the right job. It’s all about “fit”, right? Here are two links from another blog that you may find useful:

I’ll share a little more about myself in my next post. Enjoy my tweets for now! Moving forward, I will be sharing insights gained through work experience, introduce you to some cool online tools that I use regularly, capture my journey living away from home, and outline some of the exciting activities I’m involved in. Feel free to comment or email me directly.


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3 Responses to Your New Co-op Blogger!

  1. Jonathon Ripley says:

    Just met this girl at RIM. She will surprise you – Intimidating because she will accomplish ten times more than you and somehow she keeps everything organized. Were lucky to have her!

  2. Alex Jamshedji says:

    Nice write-up Tammy. It’s kinda cool to see the differences in co-op even within the same company. In comparison, my job in Ottawa with RIM seems to be far more on the technical side of things. But also cool to see the similarities in experiences, both in work and out of work. RIM is a very social organization, and there’s some really great people. Anyhow, look forward to later posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. cristene says:

    Wonderful post! Keep it up Tammy !! 🙂

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