The Past Three Weeks – Co-op Style!

Hello everyone!

Please let me apologize for disappearing these past couple of weeks. Moving forward (and since it was just Chinese New Year), I promise to write at least once a week. It’s been an intense time and I have constantly been on-the-go. There is so much to share with you, so embrace yourself for the next 400 words.

For starters, here is a summary of what I have been up to (I need to check my BlackBerry calendar):

  • Toronto TripsWinterlicious (CN Tower lunch); St. Lawrence Market; T&T Supermarket shopping (for Asian groceries); Laundry (I’ve been doing my laundry outside of Waterloo); Toronto Reference Library (there’s a music library too).
  • Chinese New Year – potluck with all the Chinese coop students in Waterloo; potluck with a group of new friends in Toronto; call relatives and home using Google Voice & Skype.
  • Waterloo Familiarization & Lifestyle: completed my January Expense Sheet; St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market; Get a Waterloo Public Library card; Socializing with RIM coops & employees.
  • Golden Key International Honour Society Canadian Summit (Feb. 4-6) in Niagara Falls, Ontario – met up with the Edmonton delegation.
  • Impact! Youth Sustainability Leadership Conference: Online training – If you haven’t heard of the conference, it’s all expenses paid and an opportunity to meet David Suzuki.

To share a little bit more about my role here at RIM, I’d say that I’m very independent, yet I support and receive support from everyone on my immediate team. I like to see us as the glue that keeps everyone together. Another way to see it, is that we’re the fuel that moves the engines for all of the BlackBerry Platform Services (so the applications and a consumer’s BlackBerry experience). Much of my work requires using technology – be it using my BlackBerry, using email, scheduling meetings, joining teleconferences, using corporate instant messenger, etc. Every day is a challenge and if you’re wondering, the learning curve is steep – another reason you should be in the Coop Program. Here are some key tips I’ve learned:

  1. Ask Questions: You will be given tasks you have absolutely no idea how to do, so it is your responsibility to ask when you don’t know. Learn to ask the appropriate questions and don’t be afraid – they know you’re new. You’d rather ask for clarification than spend hours doing the wrong thing.
  2. Take Initiative: Suggest a new idea to your team or ask for work. Sometimes offer to help others or start thinking ahead and outlining questions for your current projects. (Ex. How could we make this better? Outline your ideas in your spare time, then present them at an appropriate time).
  3. Share: You may think you’re new to the company and lack the knowledge to share your thoughts. In fact, you are one of the best sources for fresh ideas.
  4. Transparency & Communication: Working in virtual team means that you will be interacting with different members at different times. Ensure that all party’s are aware of the progress or any decisions that have been made.
  5. “Do not let perfection be the evil of good.” (Well spoken! By our director at a recent Off-site Meeting)

Moving forward, I will blog more frequently and with shorter posts. My next post will be this weekend and it will be a summary in photos. Enjoy!


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