Living the #tywlife!

This past weekend, I spent some more time with friends in Toronto. Excited in the presence of visitors from Edmonton, I just had to be in Toronto. Friends from Waterloo ask if I’ve ever stayed here for the weekend. To be honest, I have not.

Toronto is just a “happening city!” I literally woke up, PING-ed a friend via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and was off to a social media/technology conference at Ryerson University, where I learned about 2011 social media trends and innovative online marketing techniques. I even found out via Twitter the day before that the TTC (subway) was down, so I quickly rearranged my travel plans. (See how amazing technology is?!) And this upcoming weekend, I have tickets to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform at Roy Thomson Hall – I am very excited!

Nevertheless, I would say that staying up until 3am for 3 days straight last weekend was not a good decision on my part, but the company I had was amazing. Here’s a recap (I even made a table this time!):


#tywlife weekend


  1. Use  BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry Messenger to navigate to Toronto
  2. Use BlackBerry Traffic to check for road congestion
  3. Take the TTC to Dundas station (Eaton Centre)
  4. Run into @Jubylicious (a Tweepster I met at the TEDxToronto after-party in September 2010)
  5. Meet up with @chrisle9 @jonathan_le @joshyle (a doctor, an engineer, a celebrity)
  6. Lebanese food at Paramount near Dundas Square
  7. Taiwanese bubble tea
  8. Foosball, billiards, and a musical evening with friends from the Vietnamese Alliance Church


  1. PodCamp Toronto 2011 (A social media & technology conference at Ryerson University’s Roger’s Communication building)
  2. A day of TTC subways and street cars
  3. Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters – fresh dark chocolate blend and homemade fruity croissant (All their coffee is fair trade & organic – they have free coffee days as part of their social media campaign!)
  4. Chinatown for authentic Chinese food
  5. Coffee & philosophical chats with @jreandino
  6. Mahjong night with UT Eng crew
  7. (Laundry)
  8. Movie night – at home


  1. Hong Kong Style brunch in Scarborough
  2. Visit Pacific Mall – have BBT (bubble tea)
  3. Grocery Shop – shop ’til you drop (Western & Asian foods)
  4. Oscars night
  5. Back to Waterloo (~1.5 hour drive)

From now on, I’ve decided to make use of tables more often. It’ll help me keep these posts shorter and sweeter. I must apologize, as I was hoping to blog more often than I have been. For some reason, I seem to believe that each post must be well thought out and full of wisdom…or not. I mean, you’re getting just as much entertainment reading my blog posts, as watching TV, right?

Something I’ve learned after not owning a television is that You Don’t Need A Television. Solution? There are so many websites that offer online streaming. You can even save time from the fewer commercials. I’ve gone to implement something I call TED talk Thursdays, where I allot part of my day to watch a TED talk. (This might sound a little nerdy, but I actually take notes…)

BEFORE I forget, I wanted to share my “epic” last week of February. It was extremely short, but absolutely phenomenal!


Unique Activities



  • Private RIM Event with Marc Kielburger (Co-founder of Free The Children)
  • RIM Coops Cook & “Chill” (a musical evening, with some TED talk time)


  • First business trip to Toronto


  • MacShad Reunion in Waterloo (Reminiscing, Laughing, Hugging, Cooking, Cleaning, Eating, and Chatting up a Storm)

In addition to doing some intriguing research and readings at the office during office hours (which, by the way, are quite flexible and agile in a sense that our team has the infrastructure – luxury – to work from home), there were a couple of exciting events that took place! To be honest, I don’t think there has been a week that hasn’t been exciting here. It really shows just how much I Love What I do!

Stay tuned to my tweets from #TEDxWaterloo today. I promise some awesome photos and a recap. Next weekend, I’ll be hitting up another TEDx conference. Do you know which one? (Look out for my next post!)


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3 Responses to Living the #tywlife!

  1. sable says:

    Neat post! Wish I could have gone to those social media sessions at Ryerson with you!

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