An Unexpected Weekend With Spontaneity

Many of my friends know that “Tammy Wong is a planner.” It is unwritten, but (apparently) understood by all. I am not crazy, I just like to know exactly what I am going to do at least 2 weeks in advance.

During the Canadian Business Leader Award dinner back in 2008, I sat next to a gentleman who was from one of the event’s sponsoring companies. (A big thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers for my ticket!) This evening, we had a long discussion about proper scheduling and leaving room for flexibility. It’s something that I took to heart and have actively been trying to incorporate into my life over the last couple of years. It’s not as easy as it sounds. This gentleman and I are still in touch, and I still tell him about my progress. (Talk about sustainable networking!)

Nevertheless, it’s been a crazy week. I am really excited, because one of my managers gave me a new project on Friday – with strict deadlines. I love having deadlines well in advance! In addition, I also joined a few new projects this week, so I’ve been pretty pumped. As a Building Representative on the Co-op Social Committee, I hosted my first building event and met a lot of new co-ops! With TEDxWaterloo that also took place, it was 2 straight days of networking and follow-up. It was fun, but a little exhaustive – especially with a lack of sleep and several other things on the go. It’s all manageable and I love the challenge. I just constantly remind myself to say “No” to certain opportunities that arise. I’ll touch on TED soon, but check out the site for now.

I’ve had to re-prioritize my projects again this weekend. Live a well-balanced life, right? Sometimes, we tend to place too much focus on one area over another, so reflection is quite necessary. Don’t forget to set goals each week too! It’s important to keep yourself accountable, so find a mechanism to do so.

My (lifestyle) goals for this week?

  • No eating out/excessive snacking
  • Healthy diet implementation
  • Early bedtime
  • Daily yoga & leisure reading

Below is a #tywlife Weekend Recap. For once, I thought it was going to be “super chiller” (a term one of my girl friends uses to describe what I need more of)… What was supposed to be just 2 lunch dates (Sat & Sun) with friends from the West turned out to be…


#tywlife weekend!


  1. Trip to Hamilton, then Toronto (after work)
  2. TV Time (“The Good Wife”)
  3. Movies & Games’ Night (Monopoly Here & Now Ed.)


  1. TTC to Union Station
  2. Roger’s Centre Tour
  3. Tim Burton Exhibition at Tiff LightBox
  4. New Creations Festival: Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall
  5. Desserts at LUMA (Tiff Lightbox 2nd floor)
  6. Games Night


  1. Biofuel lab at Wallberg Building, University of Toronto
  2. Reunion with K. Sung (UAlberta student & high school friend)
  3. Stroll through UofT campus
  4. Kensington Market: Lunch at El Trompo (Mexican Cuisine) & Market Bakery
  5. Meet San Juan family – tried a new Filipino dessert!

About Tyw

An energetic girl entering her third decade of life, seeking to expand her insights and grow new and meaningful friendships and life's lessons along the way. She's a passionate lady with experiences that have guided her to where she is today. Here's to journeys for the next 10 years! To view my blogs, see:
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