Traveling to London…for TEDxUWO

My mother called me the other day… “You’re traveling again? For another conference? I’m starting to get confused by all your conferences… How are your goals coming along? Remember to…”

And that was a sneak peak into my life… Actually, here’s a Shout out to my mother! Thank you for being my #1 fan for this blog. For those of you who do not know my mom, she’s incredibly tech-savvy. She has Twitter; her own blog; a Facebook account; a couple of mobile phones; texts, emails me; uses videoconferencing, etc. No wonder I am so passionate about technology!

NOTE: Before I continue this post, I want to say that all of my blog posts on this website reflect only my own, Tammy Wong‘s, point of view, and is in no way a voice for RIM.

Today I had my on-site phone call from the School of Business Co-op Office. It was so great to hear my coordinator’s voice and to tell him about my journey. He even asked if my desk space was filled with sticky notes. Proudly, I told him, “yes.” We talked about my passions, my learning objectives, some of the feedback from my manager, etc. All in all, it was a great chat. (Obviously, I did it over my BlackBerry Torch). Speaking of which, check out this amazing video (I taught a 2-year-old how to say “BlackBerry Torch.”

One of my teammates from Mississauga came to visit today. My director from the states is also in town. It was so great seeing both of them! I even stopped my director as he was leaving the office on Tuesday, and he stayed an extra 30 minutes just to talk to me. It was the most efficient 30 mins that evening. (Of course, that came with about 5+ follow up emails.)

So… I have a couple of amazing updates to share:

  • VIA Rail trip – I booked my ticket last night. This will be my first time taking the VIA rail, so I am REALLY excited! Where am I going? London! (Ontario). I’ll be getting in at 1:19AM, so a cab will take me to my hotel where the speakers are staying. (see below)
  • TEDxUWO 2011 – The University of Western Ontario (UWO) is hosting a TEDx conference and I will be tweeting (@TEDxUWO) for them at the event. This means…the BEST seat in the house, tweeting professionally for a TED account and with TED enthuisiasts (last time I did this was for Investopedia), and meeting up with Shad Valley Alumni in London. I’m going to be attending a reunion while I’m there.
  • Tammy Wong at the Juno Awards 2011 in Toronto – I applied to be a “seat filler” for the awards and was chosen to go. (I’m going to meet Canadian celebrities and even sit next to them!) On my student budget, I clearly couldn’t afford a ticket. I need to save my money for the opera and symphony. (My mom would be proud.)

With all this talk of my mother, here’s a little story of my own “Tiger Mom.”


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