Learning to Rest & Relax…and #TEDxUWO?!

Note: I’m a huge fan of analytics and while looking at the referrers to this blog, I clicked on the School of Business’ link, where I found a banner ad with some of my photos from previous posts plastered there. Having the sudden urge of being a responsible blogger, here I am!

I promise some photos in my next post. In fact, I think I owe my readers a recap of both TEDxWaterloo and TEDxUWO. The events, themselves, are so packed with activities, that I am usually exhausted after the full day. I will provide you with a photo recap of both events. (It will be similar to my TEDxToronto photo recap). I promise. I’ll even post some photos each day, from my epic #tywlife weekends! I’m sure some of you want to see what the Entertainment District in Toronto looks like or the Tiff Lightbox (they play international movies here and there’s a BlackBerry Lounge. Literally, it’s a lounge.)

To touch on TEDxUWO briefly, as it is still very well in my mind, I’ll have to say that as someone working on the “other” side of the conference, the experience is completely different. I had the opportunity to meet the organizing committee and work with a group of amazing students from the University of Western Ontario. Despite my 6.5 hours of sleep in 48 hours that weekend, the experience was invaluable.

Live tweeting an event, in essence, is like being the “radio-host” on a show, except it’s all written. @snurmoh and I (@tammyYTwong) were live tweeting the entire event, from 10-6pm last (last) Saturday. Here’s what goes on:

  • using proper twitter handles (@speakerstwitterhandle)
  • linking to speaker’s professional websites, news articles related to them, etc.
  • shortening links so they can be tracked later
  • @mention replying our audience, selective RT (ReTweet) followers.
  • You want to engage others in conversation (@TEDxUWO)
  • using proper #hashtags (#TEDxUWO #UWO)
  • quoting speakers, capturing the main ideas of each TED talk, relaying emotions from the audience to twitter followers
  • describing everything happening on-stage (from who is entering/leaving the stage and about to go on stage to when the breaks are going to happen and what is happening during the breaks in the lobby/booths, etc.)
  • posting photos, thanking sponsors, etc.

That’s just a brief glimpse, but you get what I mean. Usually, a team of 5 will do this job. But there were just the two of us, so imagine that! It was challenging, but the enthusiasm of UWO Students absolutely blew me away. They were so engaging and so technologically savvy. Speaking with friends who study at the Richard Ivey School of Business, everyone has a smartphone. (Obviously, a BlackBerry.)

I made a few key contacts last weekend and bonded especially well, with my fellow tweepster, Sabrina N, whom I found out has actually been to the University of Alberta. We learned a lot about each other that day, including the fact that we are both WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology) Summer Research Program Alumni and even both did a research project in Neuroscience. I am one year her senior, as I attended the program in 2006.

Nevertheless, while last weekend was bustling with activity (and I ended up sleeping for 16 hours the Sunday after), this past weekend was yet another memorable one. Without any “plans” whatsoever, I met up with two close girl friends and “chilled” (a word seldom used in my life, apparently).

This post is getting long, but bare with me. I’ll use a CHART later. To set some context, C. Cheung and S. Seto are both actually friends I had met through my networks. However, after this weekend, it felt as though we had known each other for a lifetime. And I thank God for bringing such amazing ladies into my life. Through my involvements with the Millennium Network, I met S.S. Through Shad Valley, I was introduced to C. Cheung. Nonetheless, here’s the outline:

Mar 19-21, 2011 #tywlife weekend! (EPIC Ladies’ Bonding)
  1. Convo with RIM buddy / Drive to Toronto
  2. Fairview Mall
  3. Sushi Rock – Japanese food  (Birthday Dinner with new friends)
  4. Ladies’ Chat
    “Cameras, Cupcakes, Coffee, Conversation…” 

  1. Splendid China – Shanghai food (Lunch with the ladies)
  2. Markville Mall – Shop ‘Til You Drop
  3. Toogood Pond & Historical Village of Unionville (Main St.)
  4. Kenny’s Place – Hong Kong Style Food (First Markham Place)
  5. Hung Fook Tong – Chinese Desserts (Ladies’ Chat)
  6. TV Time – “Criminal Minds”
    A Day of Rest… 

  1. Toronto Chinese Community Church (in Scarborough)
  2. 88 – Vietnamese Food (with new friends from church)
  3. T &T Supermarket – Chinese food grocery shopping
  4. Errands, Packing, (nap)
  5. TV time & Ladies’ Bonding

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An energetic girl entering her third decade of life, seeking to expand her insights and grow new and meaningful friendships and life's lessons along the way. She's a passionate lady with experiences that have guided her to where she is today. Here's to journeys for the next 10 years! To view my blogs, see: http://bit.ly/tywblogs
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