Penthouse in Waterloo, Here I Come!

I have some very exciting news to share! I just signed a sublet agreement in a newly built condo near RIM Campus! It’s down the street from where I live right now, but is significantly nicer than my current living arrangements. It was like buying stocks. I had the right timing and made the decision right away. I also did my research and probed other places. Nonetheless, $350 + a clause that says if hydro comes out to be more than $15 for my share each month, I get the difference back! There’s even a party room, so guess where one of my birthday celebrations are going to be held this year?? The open kitchen is phenomenal and I look forward to testing my creativity through baking and cooking!

Nevertheless, this week has gone by incredibly fast and at some point during this week, I think I was addicted to my desk at the office. I just wouldn’t budge. I sat there, ate my lunch there, and didn’t leave until 8pm. I even took my work home and stayed up until 2am gathering some data. It was truly addictive. (You’re thinking your head, Tammy Wong is a big nerd. Nerd…ette or not, I enjoyed myself.)

In addition to all this, I received 3 postcards this past week from: my former Air Cadet’s Captain (now mentor) traveling in Puerto Rico, my “brother” studying in Denmark, and another from “Hong Kong.” (If you didn’t already know, I am an only child; however, over the years,  I have developed a global adopted family. It’s all about sustainable relationships, really.) My teammate and I have also been having lunch together, which is really nice. I am forcing myself to stop eating in front of a monitor and now that we’re near the windows, we’ve got a beautiful view of E5 – the newest engineering building on the Waterloo campus. My teammate is pretty awesome. He always shares the home-made food his wife makes, with me. He even invited me to his daughter’s piano recital in May.

In other news, the results for the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Conference were released this week. We also had an Alumni Facilitator online training session, where we received our System Groups. I am going to lead the Civic Engagement, Democracy and Participation System. It was one of my top choices, so I am very excited! The online community is going live very soon, so that’s awesome! This is going to be one of my extracurricular activities this summer.

Over the weekend, I decided to place more focus on my life and where I want to be. These past 3 months have been really intense in terms of what I have been doing outside of the office. As much as I have contributed to my team, I am feeling more ambitious than ever, to consume all that I can this summer. As such, I have decided to (attempt) at a very simplistic lifestyle. By the way, I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging for the School over the summer yet. I might place more focus on my personal blog, as I explore “Tammy Wong.”

Ps. I was recently introduced to “The Happiness Project,” a book written by Gretchen Rubin. It’s about a lady who sets (simple) timely goals to do what makes her happy. I haven’t read it yet, but that’s the gist of it. (Gist reminds me of Gist. You know, a company that Research In Motion recently acquired?? And it prioritizes your contacts for you…!)


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