Future Shop and University of Alberta- Job Comparison

During my second week, I have a better sense of my routine and I am already starting some projects that I am assigned to do.

Prior to this position I only had one job ever, and that is working as a Cellular Associate at Future Shop for almost three years now. Coming into this new position, I knew that the experience that I will gain will be entirely different. I find that totally in my favor because I will have experience both from the administrative and retail side of things.  Although I technically will not be able to apply Business Law or maybe even Accounting concepts in my position, it is an opportunity to understand how governance in an organization works and how legislation, by-laws, policies and procedures take a role in how tasks are delegated and performed by different people. In any organization, whether it is a corporation or a governing body the same principle applies, laws create entities, and gives people power, which makes them make more rules and give other people power and obligations so that by working together, the organization’s goal is achieved the best way possible.

I can’t help but compare and contrast the differences between my two jobs since I still work at Future Shop in the weekends. Here are some of them:

  • Sitting in the office vs. standing all day at Future Shop
  • Change of attire- Business Casual at the Office vs.Uniform (I could be stylish for a change!)
  • At Future Shop I talk to a lot of people all the time, while in the office I mostly have time to myself doing things at my own pace.
  • My performance at Future Shop is assessed by everything around sales, such as dollar target reaches, services sold and feedback from customers. Here at the Students’ Union it is entirely different. One assessment is of course the timeliness and quality of performing of the tasks assigned to me.

Another assessment method, which I am still working on, is more personal and customized for myself; it is through developing my own Professional Development Plan. I have to admit I’m still struggling with that because I have to reflect deeply on what skills as a professional would I want to develop and how to express it in a way that it could be measured and evaluated.

I’m glad to have both a PDP initiated by my supervisor and a Learning Objectives from the Coop Office. It will definitely keep me on track with my learning goals and how I am achieving them.

– Giselle

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