My Co-op Placement at the University of Alberta, the Pre-Placement Days

Title- Student Governance Officer

Title- Student Governance Officer

My name is Giselle General and I started my position with the University of Alberta Student’s Union as a Student Governance Officer. I have to admit I fancy my title and internally call myself Student Officer General (it suits my last name perfectly!). My position is to assist students in dealing with the governance procedures in the University by giving support in a non-partial way. This included creating documents for resources, facilitating information sessions and giving advice as needed by different students involved in governance in one way or another. My position is newly made as well and that just added to my excitement to start because a part of my job responsibilities will still be unknown, and surprise tasks and challenges will come up as needed, or even with my own initiative.

I will have a lot of catching up to do as this is already my second week into the position, and so many things I want to share. However, once I managed to cram the pre-coop days and the first two weeks together, I will be having a more regular, weekly blog of how the week went by.

I personally think that I had a bit of a roller coaster ride with the job hunting phase prior to getting this position. I got accepted into the Co-op Program in June last year, so since then I have been trying really hard to get a placement. It is not that easy given that I am a Business Economics and Law Major, Minor in Accounting. Most of the job postings are more specific to certain majors, and while I was encouraged to apply to them as well, it is easy to figure out whom the preference will be given to. I thought that it could be a reflection on how the real world would be like. Many of my friends, especially the Accounting major ones got a placement much easier that I did. Last fall, one of them confessed to me that he didn’t start an application until December, and he got a placement right away! Last winter, another one of them got interviewed for the same position I applied for, and he got the position.

As much as I am happy for them that time, I can’t help but internally grumble and worry that I won’t be able to find a position. I remember talking to my coordinator and asking them what would I have to do if I don’t get a placement in time. I had to calm down a little bit and the positive reinforcement I received helped me to keep going because with the mindset that right job will come at the right time. I learned again that it takes one word- patience- and things will turn out ok in the end.

That is when I found this placement. I was even surprised because it actually is under my major! I also though it would be neat to have the Students’ Union as an employer and participate in the inner workings of such a complicated organization. In my next blog I will cram the first two weeks- so until then!


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2 Responses to My Co-op Placement at the University of Alberta, the Pre-Placement Days

  1. Raymond Luu says:

    So glad that you finally got a co-op placement. I remember earlier last semester we were both pretty worried lol. Looking forward to your future blog posts.

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