Officer General enters the SU!

The first week is more of an orientation and getting familiar with the environment. I had a trip around the SU Executive Office and also the Lower Level where I met all the people responsible for facilitating a lot of the many services that the Students Union provides for the students. I also attended a few seminars to gain some background knowledge and I did a lot of background reading stating with the Post Secondary Learning Act (it’s a long read). Thank goodness for all those laws and cases I read in my BLAW classes. =D

I have my own cubicle that I am sharing with two other people (who barely comes in anyway) so I have the space to myself most of the time. I am using a Mac, which is one of my biggest learning curves at the moment. I suppose Macs are cool and all (still not totally convinced, sorry Apple fans!), but it drives me nuts half the time when I keep on forgetting I have to press <Command> instead of <Control> to do the command functions and when go back to using a PC anywhere else, I get confused again. I’m getting used to it though, and maybe soon enough I’ll start appreciating the idiosyncrasies of the good ol’ Mac.

From the computer side of things, what I am most excited about is I am given the task of managing the content of a wiki and keeping it up to date and also editing a section of a website. In terms of responsibilities, most of my tasks are administrative in nature, such as updating or creating new documents, research work and online tasks such as the wiki and possibly social media. I have no experience doing these in an employment environment and I found I’m actually applying the things I learned from the Business Communications class (BUS 301) in tasks such as writing memos, reports and etiquette in communication overall.

The best part about my position is the hours. As long as I fill in the required time, I can come in as early as I wanted to, and will not be penalized if I came in at 9:30 instead of 9am. I work from 8am to 4pm and I am free to do a lot of things afterwards. I am taking swimming lessons at the University pool twice a week right now, and for the other days, I work on Toastmasters or even just enjoy a nice sunny afternoon with myself, a friend or even a date. Looks like I’m going to enjoy Edmonton summer for a change instead of working the odd retail hours that might take me away from the sunshine. =D

– Giselle

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