The Most Productive Morning

At certain points of your life, you realize, “Today is a great day to change.” And then you do it. This is probably not the case for everyone, but that’s a philosophy I live by.

To be honest, I was a little stressed yesterday. I was receiving conflicting ideas from different people (or so I thought) and trying to ensure I knew exactly what everyone wanted. Keeping the lines of communication open are incredibly important and I’m sure many of you have been told this several times. My mentor always says, “Communicate, and communicate early.”

Nevertheless, to keep this brief in the 15 minutes I’ve set aside to type this.  I wanted to, first, send a warm welcome to our newest CESA blogger, Giselle. She blew me away with her 3 posts in one day. (And I did read them all. Very nice!) Secondly, I wanted to share the fantastic morning I just had.

Last night, I went to bed 2 hours earlier than normal. I also woke up 1 hour earlier. Eager to jump start my active lifestyle, I put on my newly purchased, body slim shorts and went for a jog. With my music device on my arm and nothing else but my key card and a sports watch, I jogged through RIM Campus and on a trail that leads to Waterloo Park. With 10 mins for stretching, I made it home in time to take a shower and prepare my lunch. Out the door and arriving at the office, 30 minutes early, I finally beat my teammate, who is usually the earliest to arrive. Set up my laptop, connect to the network, and off to a fresh start with a natural yogurt in hand.

An hour passes and other colleagues arrive. I head over to my teammates’ desks for our morning conversations about “everything” and then play with their PlayBooks. I introduced them to TED Talks (a podcast on the PlayBook) and showed him the 5min talk by Mike Matas: A next-generation digital book. He walks over later in the morning (all of 3 steps)  to tell me he “loves TED talks” and jokingly blames me for his foreseeable lack of productivity for the rest of the day. (HAHA!)

I better get back. My 15 min “break” is over. All the co-ops are having lunch together today, so that’s exciting. I made my own burger patty on the weekend, so I have a homemade burger! (To view over 60 multicultural dishes I have made so far in Waterloo, please see my latest slideshow here.)

Tonight will be the first of my biweekly series of TED Talk Ladies’ Nights in Waterloo, where I gather some of my closest girl friends in Waterloo for an evening of creativity, challenge, and inspiration! We’re making pretzels from scratch today and watching a few talks from the 2011 TED Women Conference.

Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

Tammy YT Wong


About Tyw

An energetic girl entering her third decade of life, seeking to expand her insights and grow new and meaningful friendships and life's lessons along the way. She's a passionate lady with experiences that have guided her to where she is today. Here's to journeys for the next 10 years! To view my blogs, see:
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