May Long Weekend Review

REVIEW– in big, bold letters! That’s the one word that summarized my tasks and responsibilities for the weeks in between the May long weekend.

1.     Book Reviews- During the first two weeks in my position, I discovered that we are developing a library for our department and we went book shopping! For the last few days I have been reading some of these resources and making book reviews about them. These reviews are not only based on content but the benefit it can give to our department in fulfilling our responsibilities.

2.     Compliance Reviews- I also need to make a comparative review of how the policies and procedures that was submitted to us comply with the bylaws of the Students’ Union. It is interesting to see the similarities and differences between these different organizations governed by the same rules.

3.     Legislation Reviews- After reading the Post Secondary Learning Act (which was a long read by the way) I thought I’m done with reading Canadian Law, but here it is again! There’s a new legislation that could potentially affect certain groups that we are assisting and I will be making a report on how these laws will affect them. It reminded my of my BLAW classes where the different laws about security, corporations and bankruptcy affect you as a person depending on your role in the situation.

In other news, thanks to being able to get off work early, my swimming lessons are starting to pay off. For starters, I learned how not to sink the moment I drop into the pool! Yay! I imagined I would have loved it more if I learned when I was younger, but better late than never I’d say! It still didn’t change my initial realization of my love for the water and I’m still deciding whether to get more swimming lessons or try a different activity (possibly wall climbing). Here is the guide for all the activities on campus and signing up as well.

I had time off over the long weekend from here at the University, but holidays are the busiest time in any retail location. So I spent all the three days, including Monday, working at my other job. I was working and talking with my other co-worker, the most senior one and most competitive salesperson I’ve ever met. When he realized that with Coop and Future Shop, I literally have no days off, he said, “So you work seven days a week hmm? Well, money’s nice but you know, you gotta have a break too.”

That actually served as something for me to reflect. I know that I am a “workaholic” for reasons of necessity.  I admit that it could get exhausting a lot of times, but it helps me imagine a picture of how I would like my future career to affect my living. Another quote, from my boyfriend this time, “choosing a career is also choosing a lifestyle”. It is not enough to picture yourself while doing your responsibilities in the career of choice, but it is also important to look into how it will affect external factors such as, free time for yourself or potential family, effect on health and time for other commitments. By observing myself and other people I knew in their respective careers, hopefully I can fit one more piece in this puzzle of the picture of myself in the future.

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