Career choice is making a difference?

I really like my job even more. It’s not everyday that a part of your job description is to assist students who get involved in a more meaningful way by giving a voice to students’ interests. I have been working with at least some of the executives of the Students’ Union, and I also worked recently with some student representatives from different faculties. They want to make a difference, to reach out, to help.

It honestly makes me wonder, do we actually have the same way of thinking when choosing our careers? Before I moved to Canada, I was very heavily pushed to take up nursing, because of the great career opportunities in the field, especially overseas, and the income potential that comes with it. I didn’t budge one bit. Honestly if I was told to take that career because I have the skill of providing healing and comfort to people who are hurt, maybe I would have considered it. I remembered as a kid, that we say we want to be a lawyer to bring justice, or we want to be a doctor to cure the sick, or we want to be a cop to put away the bad people.

Change that to a career path in business, do we also have the same way of explaining it? Why did I take up Commerce again? I remember someone saying in my classes in business school “You’re here in Business to make money, if that’s not why you’re here, do something else.” I don’t know how I exactly feel about that. Does a career choice necessarily have a deeper dimension to it? After all, it’s something a person will do for a significant amount of time. These are just some thoughts I had in mind while I’m planning the classes to take for the fall and winter term and while doing a little visioning of myself in the future, something I learned in one of my SMO classes (SMO 402).

In other news, I bought a new bike! I have it all geared up with all shiny new accessories too! I’m looking forward to being more active and exploring the city through the trail system. 

That’s all for now, have a good week!


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