Time Management Crunch at the SU

I apologize for again, being unable to keep my promise of a weekly blog and only managed to write a week later than promised. These past two weeks I believe, is the biggest time- management crunch that I had to face within this job so far. I’m looking forward to when the school year starts. I bet when the students are actually out and around, it will be even more action packed then.

As a student, when we receive our syllabus on the first week of class, we have a very clear idea of exactly what projects we are supposed to do and more particularly, when they are due. I believe that it is a cause of my own procrastination in my classes. Here in the Students’ Union, around two weeks ago, I was currently working on a few long-term projects, (due at the end of July, August, October and one even had no specific deadline!). With that I have a pretty set pace on how to split up my tasks in order to finish these projects in time. It was just like the good old times in class.

And here comes Tuesday of the following week and BAM! Three new projects came up, two both due in early September and the other one due in less than 10 days! And I realized for the first time that employment settings do no have that predictability that I enjoy as a student. On top of that, we had a few initial meetings with the some faculty associations to set up goals and expectations and make plans on how they can receive assistance to provide services to the students in their faculty. With these events going on, rigorous re-organization and planning is important and procrastination is forbidden! After modifying my calendar to accommodate these changes without making me feel overwhelmed, I am now rewarding myself by taking a break to write this Blog while munching on my pizza loaded with lots and lots of bacon.. yum bacon!

Speaking of more learning, I’m reading on another Dummies Book, Business Etiquette for Dummies. It is a pretty decent resource, and it emphasizes the importance of proper etiquette in electronic settings (emails, web conferences) and culturally diverse settings. Many business transactions these days heavily involve these two factors and knowing how to act properly may be the only factor that can “make it or break it”.

Hope your summer remains stress free! ‘til next time!!


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