RIM Corporate Culture – Part A

TAMMY WONG here! (I’ve never really blogged for a site with more than 1 person before, so this is different. Great experience.)

I know many of you are very curious about what is going on here at RIM Campus, after the Earnings Call two weeks ago. Our stock price has dropped. Yes. You can hear the details from the call on RIM’s website (Investor Relations page). Unfortunately, I cannot speak to this and I have decided not to voice my opinion on this at all. If anything, my passion for what I am doing and my experience with the company has been amazing since I started and it keeps getting better! (You’ve been following my journey, you tell me!)

This is where I remind you that if you have the opportunity (and with the right company) to stay with them for 8 months or more, the learning will be phenomenal, compared to a 4-month experience. The past 2 months have been incredible. Not only did I work from another city and remained just as productive, I was asked to become a project manager for a certain project for my director. It’s particularly exciting, because I’ve seen my knowledge about our team and the company grow. And now, to the point, where management is listening to my suggestions on process changes. That is an incredible feeling. To add the cherry on top, I was in Toronto for a business meeting last week with a couple of my teammates. The company even hosted us at one of their own events. The networking was amazing, as was the content & discussion from our meeting! (I’m so good at keeping this private. haha! Just stating the obvious, I know…)

For a sneak peek on what’s happening in my office. I’m moving to a different seat. I might mentioned I went from half of half a desk to a full cubicle a few months ago. (Remember? This is when I got really excited I could do a complete 180-spin in my seat and still have desk space!) This week, I’m moving two rows over. Same desk size. Thank God. One of my teammates laughed at my tiny first desk and called it a “Co-op desk.” Different students have different sized desks here. FYI.

In other news, my baking skills have been enhancing! I’ve learned to substitute avocado for butter and just this morning, applesauce (non-flavoured) for oil. The story goes… My friend (a former RIM co-op student) at UWaterloo is currently having exams, so I offered to cook him dinner and bring it to campus. Being adventurous, I thought I’d bake too! I made brownies with avocado to substitute butter and also a loaf of banana bread (since one of my teammates is allergic to caffeine). I brought my baked goods to the office the next day and decided to meet the new colleagues who had moved in 2 weeks ago. I’ve been feeling terrible for not getting to know them, so this is where I tell you, “Food brings people together.”  Nevertheless, they absolutely LOVED my baking! As in, both of them literally came to my desk to comment on it. That’s big, considering some people at the office hardly seem to have time to take a break!

To my surprise the next morning, one of the engineers brought in half a dozen banana muffins and said he took up my challenge to bake! It was so sweet of him and I really underestimated what he could do. (haha – I kid!) What a friendly guy! We ended up having a lovely morning conversation about the Mennonite culture and him being raised in Winnipeg. Later that day, I even chat with the other engineer and got to learn more about his family. I love getting to know my desk mates and having them share with me.

Life has been a bit crazy again. I’ve been doing much more work for the IMPACT! Conference, engaging my Civic Engagement System through our online community and various emails. As for the Millennium Network, I have set up a couple of reunions across Canada for the next 3 months, as my activities takes me to a couple of different cities. I celebrated my birthday and Father’s Day in Toronto and had an extravagant reunion, along with some epic festivals in Toronto (Luminato). I absolutely love the Distillery District and also finally got to visit Bier Markt, which reminded me of the Sugar Bowl near campus. (To be honest, the SugarBowl is SO MUCH BETTER! This place is not as great as it’s publicized to be… not to mention the hostess made customers feel more stressful than anything. It is unlikely I will go back or give them good reviews. We’ll see.) In recent news, I was in London, Ontario this weekend and visited the University of Western Ontario campus. Ivey School of Business looks very much like a high school on the inside and the buildings on campus are very much in a Victorian style – elegant and classy.

To end this post, I wanted to introduce some cool sites I love reading or simply find interesting!

Tumblr – for blogging or sharing video, photo, audio, text, etc.

Fast Company – an incredible site for leadership, technology, management, etc. written in a way that’s fun to read.

Newsmaps.jp – Recently saw this in my Facebook newsfeeds. A pretty interesting aggregator.

Until next time, have a wonderful Canada Day! (I’ll be rocking it out in Ottawa, where I hear it’s celebrations are through the roof!)

Tammy YT. Wong


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