#Tywlife in a Nutshell… July is Here!

I have been incredibly busy. I’m sorry. No new content and blogs are supposed to work when posts are consistent. Let me tell you this. I only have 1.5 months left here this summer, so I am going to milk it. Perhaps I asked for too much work, but that’s no excuse. I’ll just have to cut down on my extracurriculars and exercise that time management.

So July long weekend, what did I do? I went to Ottawa! The drive is supposed to be:

  • 1.5 hours Waterloo to Toronto
  • 5 hours Toronto to Ottawa.
Let’s just say it ended up being almost 8 hours! So what did I do? In a nutshell…
  1. Drive to Ottawa  (pick up people in Toronto)
  2. Timmy’s stop in random towns
  3. Met up with Urooj
  4. Livin’ it up in Orleans (Ottawa is pretty much made up of little suburbs all combined)
  5. Meet the Mian famille!
  1. Amazing breakfast with Mian Famille, Canadianizing ourselves!
    • Apparently PINK is NOT RED!
  2. Take bus to downtown
    • Very comprehensive bus system!
    • RIM USA offices are open… replied some work emails. (Haha!) My director had to ask me to stop working on my holiday.
  3. Canada Day festivities in downtown Ottawa
    • One day of the year Canadians overtly express so much PATRIOTISM
  4. National Orchestra performance with Senator Tommy Banks!
  5. Performances and festivities all over downtown
  6. French bakery Lunch with #MNetwork friends at Byward Market & heart-to-heart chats
  7. #MacShad007 buddy at Ottawa Jazz festival
  8. Mexican Dinner with #MNetwork & #MacShad007 gals in Byward Market
  9. Cupcakes, ice cream, & fireworks with Urooj & Susie
  10. Crazy packed bus ride back
  11. Mojito’s made with fresh mint from the backyard!
  12. Crazy girls eating shawarma’s & watching a movie…
  13. Falling asleep…
    1. Girl chat in the morning & breakfast (home-baked croissants)
    2. #MNetwork Ottawa  lunch at Blue Cactus in Byward Market
    3. Tour of CBC Ottawa (Television & Radio)
    4. Errands for Mamma Mian
    5. Dinner with Mian & extended famille (homemade roti! My spice tolerance increases again)
    6. Mamma Mian & Urooj fit me into a salwar kameez (Indian clothing)
    7. Pre-Wedding party hosted by male’s side (one of MANY)
    8. Home & change
    9. Spark’s Street at 93 North (Interesting Arabic Dancing)


  1. Family breakfast (amazing fruits)
  2. Pack up & Second Cup trip
  3. Farewell
  4. Drive back to Waterloo with Chen
  5. Stopped by Silver Lake on the way back
Talk about a phenomenal trip! Now at the office for the rest of this month, I have a few projects I’ve asked to be on, another project to manage, and some other side projects or ad hoc work. Plus getting involved still too, right? I recently looked into Waterloo Women In Technology. That said, I have to contain myself. You can’t say YES to everything.
A sneak peek at my last weekend goes to show how much you can do over here and when you live on your own. (Chores, convenient travel, flexible schedule, etc.)
  1. Work until 7pm
  2. Friend’s place for dinner – home-cooked chicken
  3. Played Settlers of Catan & watched the news
  4. Met up with Susan to chat (until 4am)
  1. Shower
  2. Cook for Kieng and I
  3. Work at Uwaterloo Dana Porter Library until 5pm
  4. Drive to Toronto (tyw’s life story)
  5. Duke of York for Hamoon’s Going Away
  6. Salsa Festival on St. Clair West
  7. Classic midnight McD’s meal
  8. Drive to Waterloo (Kieng’s life story)
  9. Walk home
  1. Sleep in
  2. Rearrange all furniture in room
  3. Skype with sis in Malaysia
  4. Vacuum, Laundry, change bedsheets
  5. Make dinner, watch movie, do laundry
  6. Chill & sleep
My lunch break is over. I’ll tune in another time.
Tammy YT Wong

About Tyw

An energetic girl entering her third decade of life, seeking to expand her insights and grow new and meaningful friendships and life's lessons along the way. She's a passionate lady with experiences that have guided her to where she is today. Here's to journeys for the next 10 years! To view my blogs, see: http://bit.ly/tywblogs
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