Series of Little Office Events

Hello! Giselle here. For the past two weeks, things have been pretty steady here at the Students’ Union. But I wanted to share little stories of what’s going on here in the office.

After not working at Future Shop for two weeks, I realized that I really do miss NOT working on the weekends. If I wasn’t cooped up in a big retail store for many of the days that I wasn’t here at this placement, I would have been doing a lot of things: biking, checking off some of those festivals I intend to see, and meeting up with my relatives visiting from Ireland sooner than later.

Around last week, while working quietly in my cubicle, I was entertained for an entire afternoon from overhearing a video shooting session/interview of all the Executives of the Students’ Union. I got to experience shooting bloopers in a different way. It is by overhearing it over my cubicle and trying not to laugh out loud on the funny script of the reporter. The last thing I wanted those ladies to record is a distant laughter with a mysterious source.

I believe that I am adapting to working in an office environment just fine. I believe that I’m doing a pretty good job of working independently on all my projects and asking for help when necessary. There’s probably one more thing that I realized, and that is about socializing in the workplace. I am mostly an introverted person and I keep to myself when I am working. It’s very infrequent that I go out with co-workers to hang out after working hours. But then I have only been here for around three months. We’ll see what happens as the months pass by.

Til next time, Giselle

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