Ideas and goals, and how to get there

I was looking at my task list for the week and I realized that I am working on SEVEN projects! Now that’s quite a record: multitasking at its finest.

I just want to share that I am a proud record holder of not depending on caffeine to keep me awake to do anything! My supervisor knows that my projects involve a lot of reading and told me to take frequent breaks as needed, to make sure my eyes won’t bleed out of too much computer screen strain.

Since we serve students, we are exploring on how we can expand awareness of our services through social media. The usual suspects? Of course there’s Facebook, where we are thinking of creating a public page for the group. We also considered Twitter, although it is unlikely that we will use it because of some limitations of the social site. Another option, which is more internalized to the university, is through the new system that a lot of student groups are using right now, BearsDen. In any field of work that involves students, or I suppose for the baby boomers and  Gen Xer’s social media is a vital part of an effective strategy to reach out to them. It’s exactly what I remember reading in the book Grown up Digital by Don Tapscott that we used in BUS 201.

My friends are going in different directions now, this small group that I first met during my first class at the School of Business, Marketing 301. One of them graduated this spring and is now on the stage of finding jobs related to her degree. Another one of them is about to finish her Accounting degree this Fall term, thanks to her steadily taking classes in the Summer to speed up her graduation. Another one has been doing a lot of traveling, but will still finish up his degree by the end of winter. When this reality struck me, I realized that with taking the Co-op program, I have at least one more year of being stuck in campus. For a while I thought, “That is a long time to wait, I’ll be way behind when I finish my degree!” That’s when I remembered another one of my friends who is taking his second 4-month accounting placement right now. He said he has no problem graduating later than most of our peers since there’s a lot of value to what we are learning by staying a few months longer. There’s a big benefit to having work experience while having the guidance that university students can access instead of being out on our own.

And the best part, when I graduate, my transcript will say that I took Bachelor of Commerce- Cooperative Education. That surely will be an eye-catcher for employers!

Of course the work experience has to be balanced with other important factors such as a decent GPA, and volunteer experience. You also have to keep in mind that the skills that you actually gain from working, studying, volunteering and traveling have to show through in how you conduct yourself as a professional in the real world. It’s all about taking things at your own pace, discovering what you want and how you reach it and getting that plan to action.

I have to go while bracing myself for another wave of new projects! Til next time!


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