Thank You & Farewell, RIM Students. (A video dedication & brief reflection)

Early Thursday morning, after falling asleep on my bed with the lights on and glasses on my face from an exhaustive night of packing and chilling with friends, I had the urge to create my very first on-screen appearance in a video blog.

This is a special message for many of my friends (some former colleagues) in Ontario. I woke up in Edmonton this morning, thinking: “This is the wrong bed.” My chapter in Waterloo was extremely eye-opening. RIM is an amazing company to work for. As a student, you are given so many opportunities to challenge yourself. The corporate culture is exactly how I imagined… so open, team-oriented, fast-paced, exciting, etc. You will leave feeling empowered.

Oftentimes, as a co-op student, you might feel that companies do not value your opinion. From my experience, this is not the case. I quote my manager, “[Tammy,] you leave a legacy behind. The tools you have created will be used by your teammates.” Your managers want to see you succeed. They concern for your future and will flag warning signs for you early on. Remember, keep the conversations going and always have open communication to maintain an honest relationship. Grow, not only, personally, but as a team and as a company.

For more stories on my Ontario adventures, enjoy these posts from my CESA Blog archive.


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2 Responses to Thank You & Farewell, RIM Students. (A video dedication & brief reflection)

  1. Tammy!! You are the sweetest! The music in this video made me cry! It was so wonderful to meet you. Not only are you beautiful and intelligent and energetic but you also know how to cook delicious food! I will never forget our delicious ladies nights 🙂 We’ll definitely keep in touch and I can’t wait to see you in September!

  2. Tammy says:

    Thank you for your sweet message, Emily. I loved having you in RIM 3-3 and I look forward to our Skype dates, moving forward. I’ll see you in Guelph very soon!! Study hard and remember to only use a little bit of that chicken essence powder. BBMe later 😉

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