a W-O-W week at school, where I work..

Fellow Uof A students, we all know how the Week of Welcome usually goes, including the week before and the one after. I went through this whirlwind of buying supplies, lining up various reasons around campus and being on the receiving end of those line-ups as well. It was fun volunteering for at least some of the activities during Orientation, and now that most students, including myself, have fallen into a more steady rhythm of taking classes, I now have a chance to catch up here at work.

The weather change didn’t help at all. After enjoying almost a week of really warm weather, the sudden temperature drop to the 10-degree range was too much for my body to handle. Having the sniffles for over a week now is no fun; for next time I shall search again for that one medication that worked the fastest for me in the past.

I believe now I have a more accurate assessment of being in a career that caters to students’ needs, which is primarily what the Students’ Union is for. I suppose being a student myself at this point in time helps. Some of the references we use right now for developing the resources for these students representatives are not illustrated for this kind of audience, and I draw upon what I have observed with my fellow students and myself to make the modifications necessary. Last time I checked (which was before lunch), I have a string of workshops, meetings and reports to accomplish and to make sure these will be as effective as possible I have to consider the students’ needs and adapt the context of our materials to them.

It will be interesting to say the least to interact with these “students serving the students” for the next few months. I wonder what will happen once their midterms and finals come around. How about when mine comes around and I have important tasks here at work?

The adventure continues…


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