Changes and Perfectionism, we have our moments of doubt,right?

Our office has moved! We are now located in the lower level of SUB. I just discovered yesterday that all this time during the summer, I only had three-quarters of a cubicle that I even share with someone else! I am definitely enjoying my more spacious work area, complete with a comfortable three-seater couch, wider table and my own corkboard. Amanda promised we’ll liven up our walls with posters once Imaginus comes in the University in a couple of weeks and I’m definitely excited for that. I really like her idea of putting posters that will make our walls look like windows. I might actually just think of a motivational poster for myself to cheer me up when it’s the middle of midterms, weather adaptation and lack of energy in general.

New Office- Still in the just-moved-in look

I looked into some information about telecommuting and I discovered that there’s an increasing trend of this option in a lot of jobs these days. My placement right now has a little bit of this element in terms of my hours. I only have to actually be in the office for 2 days, total of 10 hours every week, and the rest of the hours are flexible. Right now, I mostly still go here to my office to perform these tasks and fill these hours. I am more comfortable having a set place for work and not to think about it at all once I leave the office doors. I’ll bet though, this will come in handy when the snow comes, when I’d rather be at home protected from the weather that I have to conquer while commuting to school.


I have observed that for some of the tasks I have been doing that I have second-guessed myself, both before and after I have finished the task. An example of this was when I facilitated an icebreaker game in one of the meetings I organized. I was concerned that the meeting attendees found it more awkward rather than “ice-breaking”. There will be another kick-off meeting that I will organize for next week and I will be doing the same Icebreaker game. There’s this big review document that is actually due today and I can’t seem to feel confident enough to hand it over even it I have spend months developing and fine-tuning this document. I think the key is to do your best, and once you receive feedback, not to beat yourself too much about it. Have an open mind and apply the skill that can be improved on if there’s an opportunity to do the task again.




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