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One thing that we realize in our office is that we need to raise more awareness about the programs we offer in order in our department. Off to more branding tasks! Promo videos, logos and materials design (info cards). These are things I have never done before. Because I have just proposed an initiative that created a huge change in the Business and Beyond Toastmasters club, I feel confident that with a little research, contacting a few people who are more experienced in tech and media, we should be able to come up with some “wow” ideas.

One thing that I have learned from past experience in the search for a placement, it’s never too early to search for my new placement for the summer. As it turns out, many of the decent positions that I am interested in are all outside Edmonton. To be honest, I am not very keen about the idea of moving to another city for a few months to get job experience – despite the great benefits these jobs seem to offer. Some part of me thinks that I should take such opportunities to experience living in another city for it is at this point in my life that I should have been more flexible and mobile as to where I live. Unfortunately, as much as I wish to, leaving commitments and responsibilities here in my home base is easier said than done. My financial obligations in Edmonton will not take a pause while I’m off to Calgary, Ontario or wherever this placement is where I’m also going to pay for living expenses. The marginal benefit of working in another city does not offset the cost of paying living expenses twice over.

I’ll bet that this is the same dilemma that a lot of people go through when looking for a job. I know some friends who have a family already where one parent works in a far away place because the pay is excellent and goes home at certain intervals, say every two weeks. The distance from these people who mean a lot to you has some serious disadvantages in relationships from my perspective. This kind of impact that cannot be measured by potential income or expense is something that I personally don’t want to risk.

“Well, what do you want?” This question is so simple but big. In terms of career and life goals, it creates such an impact to the options I would consider. Until now, I still have to pause for a few seconds, before I come up with something that is even too vague for myself. At least, I have a few more months to reflect on this while I go through the months of this placement, study, work and personal time and maybe come closer to an answer.

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