The perks of being a pioneer

Last Monday night, I was chatting with one of my club members at Toastmasters. I haven’t seen him in a while so we asked each other what is going on lately. I then told him about my placement here at the SU. When he asked me what I do, I somehow hesitated for a little bit, then explained what I do in my position and why it is valuable in the department. He gave me an odd look and said that the way I described it seems a little vague. I told him that this is the first year that this position is created and that’s when he pointed out:

“You get to be the pioneer for this job, there’s something really valuable about developing something from basically very little or nothing. That’s really cool.”

As per required for this second work term, I’m supposed to make a transition document for the future Student Governance Officer to use. My actual required reports right now is a “What I wish I knew” report and it helps me create the theme of this require Co-op report. It dawned upon me that I barely had any past reference whatsoever. I did realize that it makes this position both challenging and fun. I remember being told that this position has a lot of ambiguity in it, which I find an advantage. It’s given me the opportunity to explore on my own and not to hesitate to ask for help, make mistakes or suggest unique-sounding ideas or methods.

Creating this system of internal knowledge transfer for the very first time requires attention to detail, constant evaluation of every tasks and a memory of what went well and what to improve on. Easier said than done, especially the part when I’m trying to remember how the orientation weeks went back in May. I also don’t want to sound that I’m being very particular on how to do every single detail because people have different styles of performing in the same position. It’s all about giving this future SGO a balance of having the proper and complete tools to use and room to explore how to use them without compromising timeliness and quality.

On Tuesday, we had a shopping trip to the Imaginus poster sale in the Dinwoodie Lounge. I have always enjoyed browsing through the posters, recognizing both the ones I keep on seeing during the past years and a few updated ones. I got these posters for my office and strategically placed them so that if I need a break from my computer screen, I can simple look up at them and appreciate either the kitten or Dalai Lama’s words:


Although I have to admit, my supervisor did a great job in picking this one.

– Giselle

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