Best buddies in business are a must-have. They will be the only ones who will laugh with you about a joke on Debits and Credits. 

Hi everyone! I’m excited to blogging all about my life over the next few months! I guess I should introduce myself before I start ranting, eh? I’m a 4th year student, but it’s my 3rd year in the BCom program, and, like a bajillion other students here, I’m an Accounting major. I’m also currently on a co-op term with Deloitte in Edmonton. During my last weekend before starting my first client file, I was volunteering at JDC West. It was the craziest, most amazing conferences I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone was so pumped up and everything was pulsating with school spirit! I was a Social volunteer and the Social OCs (Organizing Committee) had warned us all beforehand to ‘Be prepared to not sleep at all.’ Okay, well, I thought they were exaggerating like when people say ‘You’ll be pulling 12 hours days, everyday, for busy season at a Big 4 firm.” And, they definitely were not exaggerating (and neither is anyone telling you about the 12 hour days, but we’ll get to that later…)! I don’t even think my eyes were blinking at the same rates by Sunday afternoon! JDC was an adventure, that’s for sure. But you know what? You’re young now; only our 20-something bodies can handle that much abuse over 3 days, so try it out and you won’t leave disappointed (just exhausted). Holy smokes though, my first day after that weekend was brutal! They had trained us a bit before, but it’s hard to grasp anything until you start doing it. It’s like Accounting class; I really don’t understand anything until I’ve done some practice questions. My first engagement was intense; long days and lots of confusion on my part. I’m so thankful for everyone else in my team though; I’d be goner without them! Everyone in an accounting firm knows what it’s like to go into their first audit, not knowing anything, which is why everyone is so willing to answer questions. And 12-14 hours isn’t really quite as bad as it sounds. It’s not like I work until late night, only until 8 or 10, which is the same hours I’d have if I worked a part-time job on weekdays after a day full of classes. This past week with another client file hasn’t been as long of days, but it was tough juggling two engagements. It takes a lot of prioritizing and managing my time. Everyday I’m learning something new, which makes everyday interesting so far! I’ll keep you all posted on my next few adventures; until then, have some happy working/studying!

– Michelle


About mifongers

Michelle is currently a 3rd year accounting major, working on a coop at Deloitte. She loves to travel, try new sports, and going on food marathons at new restaurants! During the past semester, she was the VP of Finance for the Cooperative Education Students Association. She embraces challenges and is passionate about finding an adventure in all endeavors she takes!
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