WKEXP 911 Recollection for my 25th CESA Blog Celebration

Notes from my weekly meetings go to this pile. I wonder if this pile is actually as big as my blog posts if I print them?

Hooray for the 25the Blog! Also, I would like to extend my welcome cheers to Michelle, our new blogger who is currently on a placement with Deloitte! I didn’t get a chance to know for sure if this is your first work placement, but whether it is or not, I think that this blog will remind you and all our fellow students on a placement of the things we have to do as required by the Cooperative Education Program.

I have to admit I’m suffering from a bit of a writer’s block right now. It’s not that I have no idea what to share, because there’s so many things going on in the office right now that I really wanted to share, but I seem to have a more difficult time arranging my thoughts. It’s been many months ago since I have done this, so I decided to reuse the tried and true method of recollecting what you have done recently in your placement: the WKEXP 911 way – the reflective journal.

Here it is, a recollection of what happened during the last 1 and a half weeks.

What I did:
I started to finalize more details about the retreat that I am planning. It is my first time planning an event that involves students of this number and that runs all day. I did a lot of research of  how the past years went, gave suggestions on modifying the event details and introduced new ideas such as creating a theme for the event. In my experience, retreats or conferences usually have a theme and it was accepted as a good idea. In my department, we also are in the next step of developing the promotional/educational videos of my department. I learned a few basics of Imovie and have been doing basic editing and cutting of the raw footage since last week. There are also the routine activities which include organizing the details for the monthly meetings of two groups of student representatives that I organize. My supervisor also asked me to review some documents for the department which will be used for both the short term and long term.

What I have learned in this time frame:

I have learned how to do more ways of formal writing when I wrote the letters of invitation to prospective speakers in the retreat. I learned the fundamentals of IMovie, which I found as a definitely better program for movie editing 101 compared to Windows Movie Maker. I had an opportunity to see through the documents that I reviewed how the planning documents for a department are created. I imagine it takes observation of the projects of the department, the rate and timeliness by which they are accomplished, plans for future projects and the capacity of doing routine tasks and new projects.

What I have learned about myself personally and professionally:

In this position, I am becoming more comfortable sharing ideas that the department have not considered before. As I have been multi-tasking on many projects in this position since I started last May, I did not feel as flustered anymore with deadlines or when something does not work our exactly as planned.

That is actually how I wrote my draft for my reflective journals last summer. For students in their first placement, at this point in time you are in your third or fourth reflective journal entry. There were times last summer where I feel like the week flew just too fast and I don’t know what to write. It took several journals to learn that there is always something new that you have learned, even if it is something like being better at some skill or applying a skill that you are already good at in a different manner.

I hope that you have a good rest of the week and don’t forget to submit your outlines and goals for your WKEXP reports!



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