One Experience, dual roles in the job searching stage

Hi! I am so sorry for being MIA for almost a month now! Things have been really busy, including during reading week and I hope that all of you are prepared to tackle the remaining half of the semester.

The campaign for the SU elections is in full speed right now. This update sounds like a student-type update rather than a work-type update but then again, that is what my job in involved with – student activities. I think I’ve never been excited and aware about this before. Also, thanks to the facebook page in our department, I manage to get a steady feed on what different Faculty Associations and student groups on campus have been doing recently. It’s really fascinating what students are capable of doing to make a difference not only in the university environment but beyond that as well.

Also, we had a new logo! See how nice it looks? It is totally a huge upgrade from our old one that is all shades of brown. We are updating all our documents right now and even though I might be working in this position anymore when more professional templates for our published materials are developed with the logo, I’m still looking forward to the positive effects that this will bring to our visual identity.

My English literature class talks quite frequently about the concept of the hybrid figure in many of the pieces that we have read and I am definitely one of those right now. The search for future SGO is also up and going and while I am working on the arrangements we need for the hiring process, I am still doing my job searches for my next placement after I finish the SGO position. This interviewer-interviewee hybrid persona is quite interesting so far.

Taking my time now to reflect on my interview experiences in the past, including the one for this position, I realized that there were surviving moments, and others that are total slip-ups. I was both mildly amused and a little bit embarrassed when Amanda recalled clearly how I responded to one of those questions that were literally meant to trip you up. Ugh, I still remember my terror in that one and how I felt like my ears were on fire upon hearing the question! But thanks to my training in Toastmasters about Table Topics, I managed to first, calm down and second, come up with a structured response. Our meeting theme during our Toastmasters Meeting last week was also about interview questions and we learned good techniques from all the 15 members who attended the meeting. I also remembered a phone interview last year and since I had no experience answering the question “how many pennies are there at the mall?”, I stalled for an indefinite amount of time and I knew I lost my chance on answering properly. These were really precious lessons learned during the interview process as an interviewee and I am really looking forward to being on the other end of the table.

Over the past month, I had a chance to see and chat with some of my friends, which proves to be more challenging now since we are so busy with school, co-op, clubs and being involved with other organizations. I remember one of them, who is in an Accounting co-op right now, saying that the work has been busy which at times isolates him. The other friend, who I saw again right after finishing my volunteering commitments two weeks ago, told me he just “wants a well-paying job”. I don’t know, but somehow I imagine that if I am asked to say a one-sentence description about my ideal job, that it will not be like that. I can see myself carefully considering how it affects my life, based on my interests and how much of the “making a difference” aspect do I want to see reflected in my career choice.


Now aside from looking at Placepro, Beartracks made all the classes for the fall and winter semesters available. Good luck with your job and class searches and I’ll keep you all posted.

– Giselle


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4 Responses to One Experience, dual roles in the job searching stage

  1. I frequently write about specific career challenges, such as job interviewing and giving presentations. As you know, these skills do not come naturally to all people. I would love to hear more about your experiences with Toastmasters and how it helped you. (I’m writing a new article on tips to prepare for job hunting). Thanks for posting – Dr.Gottschalk

    • gigeneral says:

      Thank you for your response. Here is the website of our Toastmasters club at the University of Alberta School of Business, and my fellow executives and I have our contacts there and would love to give you feedback.

  2. That would be wonderful. If you have a contact that can speak to how their organization can help people prepare for presentations and interviews that would be wonderful. Please feel fee to e-mail me at

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