Facing the impending end of the work term

Bolded letters- finished
IP- In progress

Only after I have submitted that final report, that final presentation and finished reading that final case and short story for my classes did it really sink to me. April is almost over! I hope that everyone is holding up okay with final activities for school, co-op and everything else! Here’s a quick update on what happened recently (staring from the last day of March).

First, on March 31st I finally saw my months of work come together for the retreat I organized for the student representatives that our department serves. For the most part, each retreat section went smoothly, even the new section that we introduced. I felt a little bit hesitant about making university students play games, but it seemed to have worked out well. The only major hiccup was the catering for lunch came very late – the caterer’s notes claim that the delivery should be an hour later than we expected. Luckily our retreat attendees were okay with the idea of having the final retreat section first and then having lunch afterwards. During the retreat I also had a chance to chat with my successor and we got to know each other a little better. Overall I’m very glad on how it turned out and I am very grateful for the support that I got from my supervisor, the outgoing and incoming SU VP Academics throughout the day.

As indicated by the list above, I had a few more tasks to do with the short time I have left in this position. And oh, since I took that picture, those tasks are all finished! I had a brief chat with the incoming SU Vice President Academic when I ran into him on my way to campus and he asked me whether I feel pressured to get as many things done as possible. I admitted that I initially felt that way, but then I decided not to stress myself that way. I knew that I would be able to finish what I could, have a smooth close to my term and let my successor take over from May 1st.

As I am sitting right now, I realized I would be finishing my term on Monday. All throughout the day my supervisor gave a list of other final small tasks to be done, which I finished in stride. It included preparing the orientation folder for my successor that literally doubled in thickness from my version last year. I just cleaned up my desk and threw away all my chicken scratch of notes from all of my projects. I stuffed a folder of my personal files and thank you cards that I received all throughout the year. I have braced myself for the long list of transition and year-end meetings, as well as a wrap up lunch and in total, will literally take up my whole day tomorrow. And in a week my title shall change from the Student Governance Officer for the University of Alberta Students’ Union to the Policy Writer of the Greater Edmonton Foundation. How did you feel when you realize that you are literally close to the end of your term? Relieved, excited, anxious about another change or a combination of both? For me it is definitely a combination of all of them.



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