Bracing for the big drop, now that first month is almost up!

Last week marked another milestone in my job here. Since we cancelled a step in our process that proved unnecessary, I am now started doing the main grunt work of this policy manual that I have to make. Last week was like a trial run. I interviewed a few personnel and took both notes and an audio recording of the interview. Then on Thursday, I started drafting the policy, while reading and listening to the recording whenever I need to. I don’t know about most people but I found listening to my own voice quite strange.

On Wednesday, I attended my first staff lunch in here at GEF. And that does not count the time that we had cake around a week ago for “Monthly Birthday Celebrations”. Right before lunch everyone is hustling and bustling. I can smell the food cooking in the kitchen, I can hear pounding and drilling behind the construction curtain and since I have full view of the hallway, people are just running back and forth. One of my co-workers told us about the 50-50 draw and asked us to join. I thought, why not, it’s just change in my wallet anyway.

 We went to the warehouse and it was great! There are freshly grilled burgers, beans, salad and ice cream. It was really a treat. I heard again from some staff “we are known for that, we do like to eat together a lot” I thought it was really neat to just sit and enjoy with other co-workers and get to know them. One of our HR Advisors is also a graduate from theUniversity OfAlberta School Of Business and it was enlightening to hear her journey through university. It’s a little but different and it is a comfort to know that it’s not always easy, and that’s okay.

We had the raffle and guess who won the other half of the pot! Me! I was quite uncertain because I was at the back so I checked twice again when I came to the front. It was awesome. I think there are really great benefits to organizations that have events like these.

 It’s a bit confusing sometimes working in a place where construction is going on all over the place. One day, our desks were moved to the other side of the space so that the new carpet was laid out and then the next day, it was put back. It’s a little odd seeing this kind of work right next to me. I sometimes feel like a slacker just typing away – I know it’s my job – while these men cut and saw and measure and go around doing physical activities. Now I have two new neighbors and privacy walls so I don’t see everybody walking down the halls all the time.

Privacy = Concentration
I finally got this thanks to these cubicle walls.


With this sole project that I have to do, I guess I also have to picture it at different angles. There were times where I would be scratching my head wondering how to start drafting for the next section because I have no information from external resources. Early this week, I gathered information about three more polices and just like the new carpet laid down or the fresh layer of paint on the wall behind me, the pieces are starting to come together. With that I reminded myself as well of what this is for in the grand scheme of things – it is to assist the organization in a meaningful way. And I got more excited and optimistic that I will draft, finish and polish these hundred-something policies that I have to write!

How did you feel when you realize that your first month is almost over? Also, don’t forget your first submission for your WKEXP reports!




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