What Not To Wear – Ladies Edition

Ladies, you’re trying to impress your future employer; whether it’s an interview, a social event or just a small lunch – here are some of the most popular Do’s and Don’ts for what you should wear.  

The Don’ts

  • Don’t wear a skirt that is more than an inch or so above your knee
  • Don’t wear something that shows off your shoulders without having a blazer or sweater to cover them up – you never know who you might meet
  • Don’t have ostentatious nails – Neutrals, reds, and navy blue’s are acceptable; neon yellow- not so much
  • Don’t wear bare legs – nylons or tights are always a better option until you figure out what is acceptable at that particular workplace
  • Don’t wear anything low cut – we really don’t need to see that
  • Don’t wear “hooker-heels” you aren’t going out to the bar – my general rule of thumb is about 2 inches is an acceptable office height – and make sure you can walk in them!
  • Don’t wear a bright bra that we can see through your shirt

The Do’s

  • Dress a step above the role you want. Blazers, skirts, dress pants and low heels are all part of making a professional statement
  • Do give the proper attention to your hair, you don’t need to spend hours doing it, but the effort shows
  • Do dress your personality. I like bright colors and so when I’m trying to wear something youthful I will wear a brighter top (maybe yellow) and off set it with a neutral skirt
  • Do accessorize – this is my favorite thing to do! An accent necklace can brighten a dull outfit!
  • Do dress like Kate Middleton – Kate is a perfect example of how one should dress. If I’m questioning whether or not I should wear something to work I think to myself:  “would Kate wear this?”


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