Waiting and Project Management During Co-op Term

On the desk to my right, Phuong says “When is Friday gonna come?!”

I think what I grumble about the most now is “When is this interview gonna come?!” “When is the next step in the process gonna be finished?”

I feel like I’m a ticking time bomb right now, after all, my time working here is definitely finite- only until August 31, 2012 at 4:30 PM. I’m all about squeezing as much work as I can with this limited amount of time. I am hired for four months for this very single specific purpose, and I’d like to finish the document with flying colours, a very polished and beneficial Policy and Procedures Manual that will be a resource for the organization. But, most tasks and projects in a workplace involve a process, and the process involves other people contributing to it. That’s when the waiting game comes in.

When your supervisor is the head of the department, it is even more challenging to ask for his time. It’s really crucial to ensure that appointments are booked with no conflicts and they are maximized. Just like any supervisor though, last minute things come up for him, and thank goodness I’m flexible enough to shift schedules most of the time. I do my best to perform other tasks to be more productive since there are still a lot to do: doing research, editing my drafts so that they are much easier to review when he gets to them, creating more guides and resources that are valuable attachments to the policies.

 Whenever I look in our progress scorecard that I talked about here, the progress rate has dropped a lot and I can’t help but be worried. I may be stressing a little more than I should but I can’t help it. The time is not just about finishing it on the set deadline, but also having the opportunity to improve it further. Last week he said we are okay so far, and we will have just the right amount of time to finish this on time.  I want to believe him. I hope he is right. And I want to do everything I can to finish up the process, including nudging him a couple times to help me push this forward even quicker.

 Patience is a virtue, indeed.

 Have you experienced having to wait for a co-worker, teammate or supervisor for an important part of your project or work task and feeling antsy because the wait is a little longer than what you have personally liked?

 – Giselle

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