Dipping my toe in HR Part 2- Work Instructions Development


It seems like the HR branch of my work is expanding! I showed the notes that I complied from last week from the interview with the technicians for the initial brainstorming of this new project. My supervisor seemed to like it a lot.

 A work instruction is a detailed step-by-step description of what needs to be done in a task. It is vital to anyone who is new to a job. I guess how I imagine it is that if I read and follow this document, I (who has no background on building maintenance) can fulfill this seemingly technical task. Examples are:

  • How to change a toilet
  • How to change a light bulb
  • How to clean attics and crawlspaces
  • How to spot a leak
  • How to checks on readings and valves in the mechanical room

It’s an interesting shift again in my tasks over here. Especially now that it is August, my goal is to get this project started and to finish a few of these documents so that they can continue on when I leave. There is no way that I can finish this new project since there seems to be a lot of maintenance activities that have to be done. Imagine a typical apartment building with all the parts from the basement to the rooftops. Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff to maintain.

Everything else here is quite action-packed. So many things have happened lately, which I would definitely share at another time.


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