Introduction to Josh Le’s Management Internship at Walmart Canada

This is the photo Narissa, the other intern, and I took as a gift to our store, the management team, and the associates. As assistant managers-in-training, we didn’t wear the vest but we wore the vest just for the photo in solidarity with all the other associates.

Hello CESA blog world!

I’m Josh Le, a 3rd year BCom student majoring in Marketing, Cooperative Education.  I worked with Walmart Canada as a Management Intern over the Spring/Summer (May-August) 2012 term. The internship is open to the Marketing 465, School of Retailing Internship Program, and Coop students, but Walmart is looking to open up the internship to all Business students sometime in the future.

Josh Le’s Managament Internship at Walmart Canada

This first post is meant to give a preview of the 10-part blogging series that I’m calling  Josh Le’s Management Internship at Walmart Canada (JLMIWC – Walmart loves acronyms). To contextualize this blog series: I completed my 4 month coop term with Walmart at the end of August and I’m back in school for the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 school year. I want to share my experiences with fellow BCom and coop students about Walmart and the retail sector. Each post will be written based on my coop journal, personal reflections, and big learning points along the way. This is approximately 7 weeks after my last shift at Walmart Canada, but I’ve gained some valuable skills that I still use in the school setting. I may add or subtract an article or two depending on my course-load at school, but this is my public commitment to completing this blog series!

1)      You Work At Walmart?!

2)      The Importance of Setting Goals

3)      Learning and Development Wednesdays

4)      Seeing the Bigger Picture

5)      The Value of a Mentor

6)      People Make Your World Go Around

7)      Know Your Strengths, Defeat Your Weaknesses

8)      Research Paper: Engaging Associates

9)      Will Said Skills Pay the Bills?

10)   Conclusion

New posts will appear on Thursday or Friday every second Friday until the series is complete. I look forward to sharing my summer at Walmart with you!



Twitter: @joshyle | LinkedIn: Joshua Le

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1 Response to Introduction to Josh Le’s Management Internship at Walmart Canada

  1. Can’t wait to read all of your posts!

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