Crossing Roads: Experiences from a Former Co-op Student to a Current Co-op Student

A co-authored blog by Giselle General and Tosin Babatunde

Hey there,

If you have clicked on this blog post you are probably a prospective co-op student or a current co-op wanting to know the gritty details of what it really is like to be on a placement. Well look no further. We, Giselle General, a former co-op student at the UofA, now working at GEF Seniors Housing and Tosin Babatunde a current co-op student, doing her placement there, have decided to share with you, our experiences. Ranging from what to expect while applying for placements and how to handle the outcomes, to what to expect during a placement and the lessons we have learned along the way. Here’s to hoping this helps you on your journey to becoming professionally savvy in your field of study.

To begin, we have Giselle interviewing Tosin, who is now on her second placement. Here we discuss the differences moving from a first placement to a second one and the growth she has encountered, and also a fun fact about GEF Seniors Housing and many more topics. Enjoy!

Next, the tables turn and we have Tosin interviewing Giselle, who has completed all three co-op terms. Here we discuss Giselle’s experiences in all three placements and the lessons she learned along the way. Also, they discuss how the co-op program changed her and many more topics. Enjoy!

We sincerely hope that by sharing our experiences and perspectives to you we have been able to inspire you to make the right decision towards a co-op education. To current co-op students seeking a placement, remember to relax and be yourself, this goes a long way. Breathe, you can do this!


Giselle and Tosin

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