Relocating For Work

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted and so much has happened since February, most notably I’ve moved to Calgary to work for my last co-op term! It’s been a whirl-wind since final exams and a trip to New York took place immediately before moving down here). I’ve been here since May 1st and I feel like I’m just finally settling in. I took a position at a large Oil and Gas company for the summer, and while I was apprehensive at first I have to say I’m glad I decided to come down here, for a couple reasons:

Limited jobs in Edmonton

When I was looking back at the co-op job board in September – November there didn’t seem to be many any jobs in Edmonton. My choices seemed to be limited to Fort Mac, Calgary, or Toronto. Calgary has always seemed appealing so I went ahead and applied for a couple jobs. I didn’t hear back for a while but eventually I had an interview. Actually it was my first phone/Skype interview – you can read about it HERE. My offer showed up shortly after and while it was tough at the time to accept a job in a city I’ve never stayed in for more than a couple nights, it was the best decision I could make in the long run.

Wanted to try something new

Many of you know that I worked for a large accounting firm in Edmonton last year for eight months and while it was an amazing opportunity it’s fairly common for accounting firms to not have a lot of work in the summer months. Deciding to try something new is both exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time. So far Calgary is wonderful, I’ve been blessed with two fantastic roommates who actually make some days amazing! I’m learning to do EVERYTHING by myself, seriously, there is no one to rely on here.. I’m adjusting, but not having any family and very few friends here makes things interesting.

More opportunity

As far as career advancement goes I think for me personally Calgary has a lot more to offer and assuming all goes well this summer I may very well move down here after I graduate. Taking the leap to try out this fantastic new city for a few months will definitely give me the in-site I need to figure out if Calgary is right for me.

So that’s a little update from me, I promise I’ll write more… like I said before it’s been a whirl-wind and I’m still just catching up on things from April!

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