6 Tips for a Phone/Skype Interview


This past fall I had my first Skype interview. It was very different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. In fact I found it more challenging than most interviews I’ve had. Skype and phone interviews are becoming more and more popular. Companies hiring students from different cities are more likely to lean towards Skype because they can talk and see you without flying you to the city they are located in.

Use an appropriate user name

If you are using a Skype for an interview ensure your username is appropriate. Roxygurl85 probably isn’t the best way to come across as professional. Using your first and last name allows your interviewer to easily locate you on Skype.

Check your connection before hand

Making sure your phone line or Skype connection is strong and working before your interview is imperative. The last thing you want is to be late to your interview because you can’t get your connection to work.

Dress the part

Even though the interviewer won’t be able to see you or will only see the top half of you dressing the part is still important. Dressing professionally puts you into the mindset of being interviewed. Whether you are sitting in front of your computer answering questions or are brought to corporate headquarters your attire shouldn’t change.

Clear the space around you

Before your interview clean the space around you. Not only will your interviewers be able to see your desktop in a Skype interview things around you can become very distracting in phone interviews as well. Don’t get caught not paying attention or zoning out because you glanced at something that triggered another thought.

Slow down

Remember you aren’t speaking face to face so there is potential that there may be a lag time, especially if your connection isn’t as strong as it could be. People generally talk faster when they are nervous so reminding yourself to slow down during your interview is something that you should definitely be doing.

Have a Back Up

What happens if Skype doesn’t work? Set up a back up plan if the call doesn’t go through or if your connection fails. Make sure you as the interviewee and the interviewer know the back up plan and have the information needed to get ahold of the other party.

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2 Responses to 6 Tips for a Phone/Skype Interview

  1. Another great blog post Janine! I will be sharing with my networks and recommend it to co-op students preparing for skype interviews.

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