About Giselle

Giselle General

Name: Giselle General
Major/Minor: Business Economics and Law/ Accounting
Year: 5th Year
Expected Graduation: December 2012
Clubs: Business and Beyond Toastmasters Club (President)
Work Placements: 

      • WKEXP 911 and 912- University of Alberta Students’ Union
      • WKEXP 913- Greater Edmonton Foundation 

Hi everyone! I have been blogging about my experience with the Cooperative Education ProgramAlberta School of Business since I started my first placement last May 2011 and it’s been awesome! I will be finishing my final placement in August 2012 and I hope that my posts sharing the good, the bad and the awesome with my placements can help you in some way during your experience. From the job search and interviews, to writing the reports, dealing with the workplace and things that you have not expected to encounter, I encourage that you embrace the whole experience and share it as well.

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